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Global market costumers can find all the products that they missed & can easily shop online. People from across Centre County can usually make order from Global Market.

Global market provides secure, consumer friendly, technologic and innovative website so that you can do your market purchase quickly & easily. Thanks to our new free shipment areas / discounted products & weekly monthly sales so many people are prefer to shop Global market.

A wide range of international grocery items catering to the cuisines of that region. We have Persian, Armenian, Greek, Arabic, Bosnian, and Mediterranean items.

Authentic Foods

Turkish Style fermented sausage

There is a cup of Ahmad Tea to suit everyone, any time of the day.

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Deal of the Day!

Our deli section has a variety of cold cuts, cheeses, olives, and other items. We can slice your pastirma the way you like, or give you a coil of ‘Sucuk’ to go with your eggs, or a wedge of ‘Kasar’ (Kasseri) for your special grilled cheese.



Our Happy Clients!

I visited this store today. They offer a place where you can buy quality foods. It’s neat and well organized. Staff is so friendly and welcoming. Prices are reasonable. Another greatest thing is that they sell halal products. This is such a unique place for our community to buy different international foods. In short, highly recommended!

Hasan Karaca

Local Guide

They have great Turkish products! They are all the best! And the store is extremely clean and neat! The owner is super friendly! You should check the store and try some Turkish goodies, and you do not need to be Turkish for loving this store!

Tugce B Arda

Local Guide

Very clean, orderly store. Has a huge amount of interesting inventory! Can’t wait to go back and go thru the store when I have more time!

Amanda Becker

Local Guide