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Our Cardamom Tea is a uniquely flavored, exotic brew that fans of our Earl Grey or Chai Spice will love. It is actually our best-selling tea worldwide.

To make it, our Tea Masters create a black tea blend featuring lots of quality Kenyan leaves. This gives the brew its crisp but mature character – a perfect backdrop for the uniquely herbal, slightly menthol green cardamom. We use a special cardamom flavor that complements the black teas with its warm aromatic spiciness.

Cardamom is a popular spice across Asia, the Middle East and Europe. In India it’s used in savory and sweet dishes – from rice biryanis to creamy desserts – while in Turkey and Lebanon it’s ground into coffee. The Scandinavians love it to flavor their baking, while recently, chefs in the UK have been experimenting with cardamom and chocolate. At Ahmad Tea, though, we still think it’s best in a brew, adding its exotic aroma to a nice cuppa…

Our Cardamom Tea makes a versatile brew. Served lightly steeped it’s like a more exotic Earl Grey. Enjoy it like they do in the Middle East by serving it strong, black and with lots of sugar. Alternatively, drink it well brewed with a splash of milk as a rich, soothing cuppa, similar to a warming spiced chai tea.

We’re proud to say our Cardamom Tea was recognized by the Great Taste Award. The judges praised the tea for having a ‘bright infusion, with a clean flavor coming through’. The box shows James Baker Pyne’s Eastern “View of the Castle and Garden, Windsor Castle, 1838”, a scene dominated by the castle’s magnificent garden fountain.


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